SEO Resume [CV]

Professional Internet Marketing Experience

ObsidianEdge 2011
VP of Internet Marketing | Co-Founder

    • Currently Employed - information not available

H Street Media 2009 - 2011
VP of Internet Marketing

    • Currently Employed - information not available

Search & Social Media, LLC Los Angeles, CA - 2009
Director of Business Development and Operations

    • Currently Employed - information not available

Bruce Clay, Inc Simi Valley, CA - 2008 - 2009
Sr. Search Engine Optimization Analyst | SEO Evangelist

    • Technical SEO Lead for many clients web portfolios.

    • Web Properties included:
      - PGA & PGATour
      - Sports Illustrated
      - ABC News
      - Direct Brands Santa Monica, CA - 2004 - 2008
Sr. Manager of Search Engine Optimization | SEO Evangelist | In-House SEO

    • Web Properties included:
    • List of Duties:
      - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies
      - Technical SEO
      - SEO Copywriting/Editing
      - Keyword Research
      - Social Media Optimization and Marketing (SMO/SMM)
      - SEO Training
      - SEO Evangelism
      - Internet Market Research
      - Usability Design

AT&T Wireless Consumer Direct Redmond, WA - 2004
Sr. Search Engine Optimization Strategist | In-House SEO Contact Consultant

    • Search Engine Optimization - Evaluated and tested existing site's content, layout, server infrastructure; Keyword Market Research on targeted markets searching habits. Created competition analysis reports, analyzed existing data from server logs and created statistical analysis to project current search engine traffic patterns. Used ethical/white-hat Search Engine Optimization techniques to produce solid high rankings for numerous keywords.

      Developed and implemented numerous company-wide SEO "Best Practices" policies/documents:
      - HTML Coding Guidelines
      - Content Copywriting Guides
      - Keyword Research (density, relevance, weight, etc ... )
      - Meta Tag Guidelines

    • SEO Management - Managed relationship with outside SEO Company and internal personnel.

Apparel Limited, Inc [Dickies Girl Clothing] Los Angeles, CA - Dec 2001 – Nov 2003
Sr. Search Engine Optimization Strategist | In-House SEO | Front-End Developer | Network Engineer

    • Search Engine Optimization - Evaluated and tested existing site infrastructure; Keyword Market Research on targeted markets searching habits. Databased existing data from server logs and created statistical analysis to project future behaviors. Re-designed existing by incorporating programming standards [XHTML, CSS, Section 508], utilizing layers (div) vs. tables, and 'honest' Search Engine Optimization practices to produce a 'state of the art' web site for Search Engine traffic. Developed a revolutionary web application for dynamically generated ecommerce pages that met the above criteria utilizing new ASP.NET features in a manner that have not been used before; this application when released, should revolutionize the Search Engine Optimization Industry.

    • Search Engine Marketing - Successfully created and managed Internet marketing campaigns that included: Rich Media Advertising, e-mail campaigns, banner ads, e-commerce sales events, e-zines/newsletters and various promotional strategies. Over a 12-month period, site traffic had increased by 205%, with a 60% increase in convergence [the ratio of visitors to online purchases]. During the same period sales more than doubled online and their marketing expenditures decreased by funding successful campaigns. I created a database from information complied, used to track searching habits and convergence ratios for individual marketing campaigns.

    • Web Development / Site Optimization - Developed web applications for e-commerce, online portals, accounting, project management, and inventory automation. Web page optimization of navigation, load times, graphics, XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0 - W3C cross-platform and browser compliance. This directly increased traffic & sales; which decreased maintenance and capital expenditures for department.

    • Network Design/Engineering - Re-designed previous faulty network architecture; moved co-located web servers into new ‘state of the art’ in-house Network Operations Center. Integrated several T-1 lines for Web Services, Internet Use and Telecommunications. Restricted/Secured potential external & internal security concerns with new hardware and software security devices. Setup WAN/LAN with VPN and remote administration access. This design increased network performance/integrity and decreased expenditures in this department and company wide. (SEO / SEM) Los Angeles, CA - Feb. 2000 – 2005
Founder | Search Engine Optimization & Marketing | In-House SEO

    • Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization [SEO] over 8 years of successful experience with interpreting the algorithms of Search Engines/Directories with extremely high rates of placement for specific targeted keyword phrases. Developed META-DATA collection and analysis applications for Targeted & Lateral Marketing Campaigns. Extensive Knowledge of SEO criteria and developing trends.

    • Internet Marketing - Developed Company/Product Branding strategies with high success rates. Created in-house research plans, which included: Focus and Peer Groups, Online Polls and Public Awareness functions. Collected Internet User Stats and purchasing habits, which was used to project trends and identify newly emerging lateral markets to increase customer/client base.

    • Web Application Development - Development of web applications for E-Commerce, Web Performance Monitoring, Web-based Administration GUI’s, Advertising/Link Tracking Services, Web Page creation interfaces.

    • Internet Security Specialist - Secured Enterprise Level network environments with the use of Firewalls [hardware & software], Anti-Virus Protection and end-user privilege restrictions. Developed Internal Internet/Network Security Protocols & Policies for acceptable use.

    • E-Commerce Solution Provider - Created/Developed E-Commerce Applications with Web-Based GUI for clients to easily manage, update and create online stores/sites with minimal assistance.

    • Web Hosting Solution Services - Managed multiple Web, SQL, DNS & Mail Servers – offered to clients as a web solution of complete services.

    • Network Security Administration - Administration of several environments from Enterprise Level LAN/WAN and Production based Networks.

    • Technical Support - Provided extensive end-user and product technical support for Web based Applications, Hardware vs. Operating System Relationships, internal software suites, and logged application errors & end-user feature requests.

    • Professional Services - Consulted on numerous client projects including: Network Engineering & Security, Telecommunications Services, Environmental Application Testing & Recommendations, Merchant Services Accounts, Server & Client workstation configuration and Internet Marketing Strategies. Instructed end-users and clients in classroom/tutorial scenarios. Created educational materials/classes for use both online and in a classroom environment. Built custom workstations & servers for legal, entertainment, fashion, retail/wholesale businesses, and home use clients.

Haight, Brown, & Bonesteel LLP (FT Consultant) Santa Monica, CA. Nov. 2000 - May 2001
Web Application Developer | Internet Security Specialist | Network Architect

    • Web Development | Multimedia Project Management - Responsibilities and accomplishments included, but were not limited to: Design & Implementation of firm Intranet/Extranet applications using an IIS 5.0 environment, SQL Server 7.0/2000 Database, Active Server Pages, JScript (server/client side), DHTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the development of web applications. Creation of automation tools for growth and maintenance. Development of instructional materials and technology training courses. Research of new multimedia technologies that would be integrated into existing and future projects.

    • Network Security Administration - Key influence in detection of preexisting security flaws within network architecture. Exposed security risks within Cisco PIX Firewall and DMZ routing configuration. Performed upgrades with Network Administration team members that offered stable patching of potential security hazards. Researched and designed Enterprise solution packages for legacy PIX Firewall, Server Side Network Monitoring, and Host Monitoring of Intranet/Extranet & Network usage. Planned, tested, and recommended security protocols for LAN/WAN, VPN, and Remote Host/Control applications. This included complete packet sniffing of internal and external threats. Presented security based facts and scenarios to firm partners and departmental directors that resulted in the implementation of Intrusion Detection software, re-enforced network vulnerabilities, and assisted in development of firm security policies.

    • Technical Support - Assisted IT Department with Senior Level Technical Support that extended to in house Help-Desk and Litigation Support for end-users; and Networking Team with network upgrades, migration, and integration of several Windows 2000 Server/ Advanced Server Systems on a domain controlled Network. Reconfiguration and maintenance of all IIS/ SQL (web) Servers. Included hardware and software trouble shooting with logged resolution end results. Deployment of network and web site performance analysis tools for internal and client use. Logged customer calls for product bugs and feature requests.

    • Professional Services - Research and Design of proposed image based document database. Including hardware, configuration, integration, and training based material for company usage. I was requested to consult on numerous other projects and initiated research that would increase efficiency and improve performance, which would result in a decrease of liabilities to the company., an Interactive Technologies Company San Diego, CA. 1999 - 2000
Search Engine Optimization Specialist | In-House SEO | Web Developer

    • Search Engine Optimization Specialist / Web Development / Multimedia Project Management - Involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development, and graphic design. Maintenance and redesign of existing web projects. Developed working relationships with Customer Service and Quality Assurance departmental heads that increased customer satisfaction and decreased down time. Research of new multimedia technologies that were integrated into existing and planned for future projects. Web development, design and troubleshooting. Use of scripting languages, such as: ASP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and software specific scripting languages.

    • Quality Assurance - Managed QA for clients projects and implemented a departmental Quality Assurance Program that reduced output errors and costs.

    • Network Administration - Administered NT based network, consisting of: NT Server 4, NT Workstation 4, Internet Information Server 4, SQL Server 7, Site Server and HTML Management Consoles. Other various maintenance tools, fax broadcasting software, telephony applications with voice scripting, and network security (firewall and antiviral).

    • System Engineer/ Integration - Design and implementation of new server systems purchased for expansion and upgradeability. Instigated a network-wide move from proprietary hardware configurations towards an open architecture model, which reduced costs on hardware and maintenance. This was accomplished well under budget allocated for projects. Submission of purchase orders for new systems, hardware, upgrades, and software requirements. Development of new vender relationships to reduce departmental costs and expenditures. Replacement of substandard hardware and network connectivity/ routing hardware with quality and highly compatible units.

    • Technical Support - Provided technical support to customer and sales representatives for high-level services/ products for the automotive sales industry. Products included: "pre-approved" sales lead generation via web sites, vanity toll-free phone numbers, and online car dealer sales showrooms, which allowed customers to create and update the service from their Internet browsers.

Double M Enterprises (DME Multimedia), San Diego, CA. 1995 - 2000
CIO | In-House SEO | Web Developer | Marketing

    • Web Development/ Multimedia Project Management - Maintenance and redesign of existing web projects. Research of new multimedia technologies that were integrated into existing and planned for future projects. Web development, design and troubleshooting. Use of scripting languages, such as: Active Server Pages, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and software specific scripting languages. Involved with graphic design and layout.

    • Project URLS:
      • Goldenwest Cycle - eCommerce project
      • Cycle Parts West - storefront informational site
      • Name Cheap :: ICANN certified domain name register

    • Technical Support - Responsible for support of network planning, implementation and maintenance. Network Administration of Microsoft NT Sever with IIS 4, SQL Server 7, Site Server. Supported end users with eCommerce design and issues deploying Active Server Pages. Included hardware and software trouble shooting with resolution advice. Implementation of network and web site performance analysis tools for internal and client use. Logged customer calls for product bugs and feature requests.

    • Configuration - Installed and configured NT 4.0 workstation/server, Windows 98, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server/Professional. Set up departmental software and integration onto network.

    • Implementation - Implemented network management systems and performance monitoring systems. Upgrading and deployment of new technologies for enhancement of services provided to clients, management consoles, and internal departments.

    • Demonstration - Performed product demonstrations for prospects and customers; which included on-site demonstrations for the sales department when a technical presentation was required.

    • Professional Services - Client site analysis, quality assurance and modification plan submission.

PC Ware Computers, Inc., (dba PC Ware & Byte Gallery) - San Diego, CA. Jan. 1999 - Dec. 1999
Sales and Service Manager | Service and Network Technician

    • Sales - Managed and worked in sales team to present turnkey network solutions to small companies and clients. Achieved company high sales, a 15% increase in consumer sales and 9.5% increase for the business target market. Individually posted highest sales for second quarter 1999 of $1,790,000. This was a record for San Diego County locally owned computer system integrators. Established and maintained Business, Government, and Educational accounts; that flourished with a high level of customer satisfaction.

    • Configuration - System hardware and software design, responsible for sales and implementation of workstations, servers, peripherals, fault tolerant backups and Internet connectivity devices for corporate LANs. Hardware includes x86 machine configured with Win98, NT 4.0 Workstation or NT 4.0 Server operating systems.

    • Presentation - Composed and presented proposals to small businesses and large corporations for LAN/WAN solutions. Upgrade of existing client hardware and responsible for troubleshooting after-market hardware and software. Post sale customer support. Extensive hardware configuration in manufacturing facility.



    • New Horizons Learning Center - MCSE + Internet: Network Essentials, NT Administration, TCP/IP, Internet Information Server, SQL Administration, and Microsoft Site Server.
    • National University - BA - Public Relations / Multimedia Marketing.
    • Macromedia - Developing High Speed Web Sites and Formula for Success; the utilization of Macromedia Dreamweaver integrated with Fireworks/Flash



    • MCSE + Internet
    • Network + (multi-tier/ cross platform tech)
    • Computer Associates Security Professional
    • APC Certified Power Specialist
    • A+ Certification
    • PhotoShop Professional Association



MCSE+I, Network+, Microsoft Advisory Panel, Microsoft OEM System Builder, AMD Reseller Professional Partner, Macromedia Beta Development Program, Application Tester & Adobe Systems Beta Software Tester, Member: Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Technical Skills

Operating Systems
Windows OS, Windows Server, Windows NT Server/Workstation, Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7, DOS 6.22, MAC OS 8.5-10.5, NOVEL 5 and Linux 9.

Development Applications
Microsoft -  Microsoft Office Suite, Server SDK & Developer Resource Kits, and MSDN ( Beta Testing).

Adobe - Creative Suite CS [PhotoShop, InDesign, Acrobat 6 Professional, Illustrator, ImageReady] 

Macromedia - Studio MX Suite, SiteSpring BETA Tester & Generator Enterprise Edition.

Programming Languages
XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, CSS, ASP 3, ASP.NET, JavaScript, DHTML, VBScript, JS, SQL Query Languages, Microsoft SQL Transact, XML, ODBC, OLE, SSI, Server Sided Programming, and other scripting languages.

Networking Technologies
Domain Environments, Active Directory, TCP, IP, UDP, Named Pipe, NetBuei, IPX, WAN, LAN, VPN, Switched Ethernet, RAS, VoIP w/ PBX, DSL, Wireless Ethernet, Cable Broadband, T-1, T-3 & OC-3.

x86 PC32bit & 64bit, Alpha and Macintosh; printers, scanners and cameras (SCSI, IP, USB, IEEE-1294).

Server/Internet Applications
IIS, Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewalls, Proxy, DHCP, DNS, Network Monitoring, SQL Server Enterprise Edition, Access dB, SMTP, POP3, Terminal Server, Webkit, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Standards, Opera

References  -  Personal and Professional references available upon request